Chapter 6- WWI
We have started our last chapter of SS for the year. We will begin Religion in May. For this chapter, we will have an in-class assignment (using chrome book) and a test.

HOMEWORK- some students have to finish their in-class assignment at home. 5 classes were spent on this, but some students still need a little extra time to complete. Assignments MUST
TEST- Thursday, May 11th. The last Social Studies assessment for the year.

Homework (Friday, April 7th)- Be sure you finish the 18 questions assigned in class for Tuesday, April 11th. (Update- we have Digital Citizenship period 1 on Tuesday, have questions done for Wednesday!)

Homework Update- Wednesday, April 12th. Only 4 of the 23 in class had their homework complete. Adequate time was assigned in class to complete, and an additional 5 days to finish up their work at home. Students who did not have work done have been assigned extra questions, which should be completed for next class:
  1. Why is 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month important?
  2. Who were the main allies of WWI?. When did the US join? What was their slogan?
  3. . What is propaganda? And what did it persuade people to believe in WWI?
  4. . Why were posters, such as those on page 126, created?
  5. . Why were the 115 merchant marine soldiers, who lost their lives in WWI, not listed in the Book of Remembrance?
  6. . What are the 6 main armed/unarmed groups of NL?
  7. . What was the Australians reaction to the NL Regiment when they first met?
  8. . Who were the blue puttees? Explain what they wore.
  9. . What happened on July 1, 1916?
  10. . What does the WPA stand for? Explain it.
  11. . What does the NPA stand for? Explain it.
  12. . What is conscription? Why did they enforce it?
  13. . Explain two reasons FOR and AGAINST conscription.
  14. . In a paragraph, explain your thoughts of forcing people to go to war (now and then.)
  15. . How many total deaths for NL during WWI?

Heritage Fair.
- Another big congrats to Emma and Hannah who will represent HTH at the Regional Heritage Fair within the Ambassador Program! The Ambassador's program outlines projects on NL's connection to WWI.

-Congrats to David, Emma and Hannah who will represent our class at the HTH Heritage Fair!!

HERITAGE FAIR: Projects are due on Monday, February 20th. Presentations will start in class on Wednesday, Feb 22nd.

Chapter 4: There is no test on this chapter, but there are TWO in-class assignments. Text books, notes, worksheets permitted to complete.
- extra detailed notes

- list of questions for entire chapter
- NOTES in power point form

Chapter 3
- note there is no test for this chapter
A little entrance/trivia activity to see what they know...

Detailed notes on all concepts covered in this chapter

Chapter 2 Materials:

TEST- on Chapters 1 and 2- Tuesday, November 8th
Test review sheet

Today's Class: Tues, Oct 25th:
1. Read and examine chart 2.1 on page 30 of text book
2. Draw a map of Labrador (you may use page 26, a map on the classroom wall, or your phones)
3. Look at page 26 and note the two categories of Innu.Colour them in on your map.
4. Using the table on page 30, students have to critically think to decide which group fits each of the two locations.
5. Label and colour the two branches
6. Give a description of the two branches.
7. Answer the question at the bottom of page 30.

In-Class Assignment

Class Notes

Study Guide

Chapter 1 Materials:
note- Time Line assignment due on Friday, Sept 23

Course Outline: