Portfolios Due:

Slot 2 & 3- Thursday, December 7th
Slot 1- Friday, December 8th

Unit 1: Food Choices and Nutrition

Kitchen Safety and Hygiene: Unit 2

Portfolios are Due TUESDAY, October 17th at the end of the day. 2:15pm

- In-class assignment. Finish at home if necessary. DUE- Tuesday, October 3rd.

- For fill in notes and questions

Unit 3:

Food Labs and Recipes:

Handouts and Tips:

Nutrition 3102
Unit 2-3 powerpoint:
This power point has course info, content for fill in notes and questions:

Unit 1: See power point attached for class activities and assignments (as well as answers to worksheets!)

Take a look in the power point above for assignments, journals and information to complete worksheets

and worksheet

- Please see Unit 1 powerpoint above for Journals 1 & 2